Every keynote. Every inspirational quote. Re-watch it here.

So many innovations and inspiration. 13 top-notch speakers. Maybe Fuel17 was a bit much to absorb in one take. Don’t worry. We have it all on tape. Watch all that inspiring re-thinking below and (re-)experience Fuel in full.

Re-think Media: Interface Evolution

Magnus Lindkvist

Let’s start with today. Where are we now and where are we heading? Magnus kickstarts Fuel with his world-renowned futuristic vision and entertaining style. Better be on time, better be prepared for the unexpected.


Stephen Miller

How many pictures have you taken today? We live in a visual society, but the focus is about to change. Capture Stephen at Fuel as he’s transforming the way we use photography and VR.


Re-think Customer Experience: Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots

Cliff Fluet

One chance to re-think it all. Would you take it? Your connection with customers. Their experience with your brand. Cliff dares you into new, future-facing business models. Challenge accepted?


Cliff Fluet, Nadira Azermai, Filip Maertens & Steven Van Belleghem


Re-think Internet: Blockchain

Shermin Voshmgir

I'm a true believer of the Blockchain. It's a genuine revolution, ready to change the web and thus the world. Web 3.0. is about to happen and create numerous possibilities. Would you like to hear a few?


Shermin Voshmgir, Dimitri De Jonghe, Mark Dijksman & Peter Hinssen


Re-think Platforms

William Bao Bean

William uncovers the strategies behind platform thinking and reveals the role it will soon play in Europe's digital economy. 800 million Chinese organize their daily lives to the tinniest detail with one single app, WeChat.


Mina Mitry

“Do you have Wi-Fi here?” Connectivity is key today. However, billions of people remain without internet today. But for how long? All major players are racing towards a global connectivity, because owning the network means owning a lot more. Buckle up and prepare for space!


Conclusion of the day 

Azeem Azhar

Wow! Information overload. Ready for shutdown? How do you cope with all the innovation and best practices you just witnessed? Azeem ends Fuel with a unique round-up. Ashowdown of the best insights and next-steps to start with your things to come.


See you next year.
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